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About Us

Our Foundation

Sister Sister Childcare refers to the collaboration and organizations formed by sister pair, Thalia (Gordon) Osei and Tashianna (Gordon) Kwakye. The "sisters" as they are affectionately known,  

launched Sister Sister Childcare: 

 First Steps LLC in August 2011 as the first organization intended to provide services to infants and toddlers. Sister Sister First Steps Academy LLC ,designed with preschool and school age children in mind, followed immediately. To this day, both programs are sought after as safe, nurturing options for care among families and continues to grow.  The sisters  keep us with this growth by developing a strong team of like-minded caregivers.  

Today, Sister Sister Childcare: First Steps operates as a licensed center program Monday-Friday. Sister Sister First Steps Academy operates as a licensed family childcare program serving families during traditional and non-traditional hours.

Kids in Preschool

Mission: Our mission is to improve the lives of those who live within our community. Our goal is to  create access to quality childcare, employment opportunities, equitable education, affordable housing, nutritious foods, and safe recreation. 

Vision: We envision a future where we are free from the effects of systematic poverty and can achieve and transfer wealth throughout our generations. 

Values: We believe in the good news of Jesus Christ, His message of salvation for all, and His commands for us to love one another. We do this by caring for others, giving and treating others with respect and dignity regardless of their differences.


We believe that all children are born with the ability to learn and do so in their own unique way. We believe that children should have equitable access to quality childcare and education. We believe that it is important to care for the whole child for them to reach their potential. Therefore we focus our efforts on providing care and learning experiences that are student centered, culturally responsive and family oriented. Our strategies are aligned with Ohio's Early Learning & Development Standards and Ohio's K-12 Learning Standards. 

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